Enter SWEET10 and save 10% off all orders in my Etsy shop!

Enter SWEET10 and save 10% off all orders in my Etsy shop!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DIY Bitty Baby Doll Clothes

Emma's big sister gift when Reid was born was an American Girl Bitty Baby doll. She carts Giada (yes that is the doll's name, named after Food Network chef Giada De Laurentiis, don't ask me why....) everywhere!!! Her potty present was a car seat for Giada.
 And for Christmas, Santa brought a doll bed. However, outfitting Giada gets pretty expensive. We splurged when we visited the American Girl store in Chicago last fall and bought her an outfit and the snack set.
But every time the catalog comes in the mail, Emma picks out a few outfits that she just must have. We'll save those for her birthday, but in the mean time making a dress or two is easy (and puts a big smile on Emma's face).
Dana from Made has a cute tutorial for the summer vacation dress (which I have made a few of) but just downsizing a simple dress pattern you would generally make works too. Here are some things we have made Giada recently. An easy one is a simple pillowcase dress. And the best part in making your own clothes, is you can make a big girl version too :)

Stay tuned for some simple accessories you can make any baby doll!

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